By Kristin Di Tommaso

Husband and wife business duo Mike and Rosa Vallilee know what it’s like to start their own business from the ground up. If you ask Mike about their experiences, he’ll tell you it takes perseverance and a lot of hard work to promote your new company and drive business through the door.

The Vallilees enjoyed their entrepreneurial freedom, but this challenge alone was enough for them to seek a more structured and reliable business model. That’s when they turned their attention to the franchise industry, which gave them the opportunity to still be their own bosses, but with a loyal customer base already established.

“The franchise model appealed to us because all the initial leg work is done and customers already know and love the brand,” says Mike.

When Mike and Rosa first began researching franchises to invest in, they knew right away they wanted to join a company that already had a well-known brand name, positive name recognition, and was a leader in its industry.

That’s when they came across Booster Juice, a company that not only fit their franchising criteria but was also family-friendly, an important factor in their decision.

“It had to be something that we were comfortable with allowing our kids to enjoy daily,” reflects Mike.

The Vallilees got into contact with Booster Juice and had on-going discussions about becoming franchisees for several months, however, it wasn’t until February 2016 at the FranchiseCanada Show in Toronto when their franchise dreams became a reality.

Expecting only to meet with Booster Juice representatives, you can imagine Mike and Rosa’s surprise when they showed up to the Booster Juice booth and were presented with their own franchise.

Excited about the prospect of joining the franchise family, and encouraged by the faith Booster Juice had in them, Mike and Rosa didn’t waste any time. They quickly travelled to the Booster Juice head office in Edmonton, Alberta, where they spent two weeks learning more about the brand and what it means to be a Booster Juice franchisee, and meeting with company executives and partners.

They knew instantaneously that they had made the right choice and would soon be starting a rewarding career working alongside a franchise that embraces its franchise partners and values open communication.

“The Booster Juice support structure is excellent! We can call anyone at any time with questions and get immediate answers,” says Mike. “The different departments are also always updating the franchisees with information and changes, which keeps the brand current and fresh.”

For Canadian entrepreneurs interested in attending the FranchiseCanada Show, Mike suggests coming prepared with your questions by researching the different franchises that will be exhibiting. “When you go make sure you ask a lot of questions because this is your time to interview them and find a fit that works for you.”

Today, Mike and Rosa are having the time of their lives and are already looking to expand their role within the franchise. “We are very excited to be a part of Booster Juice and our future plans are to continue to grow the brand by opening more locations!”